That Of A Reverie

This day, in my solitude
I go back to my school,
saunter there for a while,
 hop on to the school bus,
 jump out when it stops.
 push the gates with might
 run into the courtyard
 where my mom is playing 
on the Veena, 

The house echoes 
the beats, melody flows unabated
 I refrain from calling  “atha”
careful not to disturb her, 
sneak into the dining area
 noiselessly eat the hot  samosas,
 start hiccuping after biting 
a green chilly.

The sound grows in volume 
” who is there?” asks mom distracted.
I go before her,  My mouth
fully stuffed, I keep mum 
my eyes turn teary, sensing her anger.
my legs tremble. Mom is about to burst,
I stand bewildered, She   breaks into
laughing,  I am able to smile.
My mouth is only half full.