Vicchu On The Ghatam

“Shobilu saptaswara  sundara”
sings the vocalist to the
of  percussionisit.

It is the  time 
for the accompanists 
 to take up, they
begin  modest 

One of them is Vichu,
 the Ghatam exponent.
 who is in the rear with 
unbuttoned shirt,

the Ghatam rests 
on his tummy,
 has tied his hair 
 high up in a tuft,

each one in the team 
takes their turn.give their best,
 Vichu does his part 
 with beautiful strokes.

Starts with a Chauka 
1 stroke per beat,
completes the cycle 
goes to the vilamba 

2 strokes, picks the three
strokes madhyma, races through 
the dhuridha and adhidhuritha,
8 and 16,

throws the Ghatam up 
catches in style, when it 
comes down performs  
with a fierce passion 

 shakes his head with vigour 
 his hair unwinds, falls 
over his shoulder, in no time 
covers his face,

Vicchu is in a trance,
 the sharp metallic sound,
holds the audience in ecstasy,
spell bound they turn

silence permeates, Vicchu 
 rests his head on the  Ghatam,
not a sign of exhaustion,

 one of  eloquence. An experience 
 where the listener and the performer
meet, merge and lose themselves