Washing Hands

Sneha will be turning 
 in her grave  with mirth 
as she hears the call 
for washing  hands.

 She  washed, once she touched 
the handbag, next when 
she set her fingers on the Veena,
 then after she tied her saree.

She wiped the cloth string with soap,
 before hanging her clothes to dry
 her hands meet a wash
 strange  it appeared  then.

Ascribing her habit to a mania,
 friends made fun of her, lo!
 never could she shed
 this  practice in her lifetime.

The specific idiosyncrasy 
is being enforced of late
in the wake of Covid -19.
 being !the most coveted rule.

Hail to thee ! Sneha 
Having been a pioneer, 
who set standards much earlier,
to treat the deadly virus.