Never Say Die

A school mate calls me 
 after decades. pleasantly 
surprised. I greet her

She is the same  old 
even now, bubbling
 with enthusiasm,

Speechless I remain
 while she rambles  fast,
a monologue.

She shares her happiness
 and  grief with ease. has lost 
her first son recently

her second one 
lives abroad with his wife
a foreigner.

She pauses a few seconds
bemoans the misgivings.
resumes soon after.

Her stoicism ” life has to go” 
baffles me as I recall  how
timid  she was at school.

Experiences have made her
what she is,  age has mellowed her.
She is  a free lance counsellor 

transforms affliction 
 into  distinction. Life is a a balance 
of inputs and outputs, she says.