What The Stars Foretell?

The politician of ours,
call him Chezhiyan.
harangues for hours
quoting liberally from

In between he sings 
dances trying to make  
the discourse appealing.
Cinematic in his ways,
 he turns a leader.

Chezhiyan clinches
 the post of  Governor
 all too soon. He himself 
did not expect such 
a rise.

Reigning the state for  a decade 
without a break, Chezhiyan
becomes powerful and mighty.
 Churns billions in the go, 
 stands tall amidst his peers.

His son is pulled into the stream.
 The young one  seems  plain 
does not possess the father’s tact.
Chezhiyan, the artist, will make 
the son fall in line,