With ripe red tomatoes,
 not the hybrid variety 
 I  select the local  ( Indian )ones.  

 chop the tomatoes to the finest, 
 add a pinch of turmeric 

Next, I turn to make a paste
of  spoonful of   pepper and cumin 
two pods of garlic three red chilly.

Placing a brass vessel on the stove
 saute  the tomatoes with
sesame oil and little asafoetida. 

The  tomatoes flutter,  the red 
and yellow combination in oil 
 is enticing.

They  become fluffy ,
 ready to take in the ground paste.
I carefully add them and stir.

 Allowing  them to simmer,I 
 pour tamarind water, 
then add salt.

Once the concoction brews
 I switch off the burner,
 sprinkle coriander leaves.

The delicious rasam 
is ready to be served. 
 An antidote to Corona! 
It is a kind of beverage,
 essential in times  of Corona.
 Acute respiratory congestion