A Masquerade Of Masked Faces

Masks  are for  bandits
who  with a knife
barge in the midnight.

My imagination stops there.
as I see masks on every face
the nose and mouth hidden

 Every face seems similar
difficult to identify. Is she 
  Shreya or Sneha?  

I think aloud as the masks 
lend  a strange cue. The face 
resembles  a mass  of flesh

similar to a  ball,  the eyes 
usurp the delineations.
nothing much can be made, 

noses long and short,
sharp and blunt, lips pink   
 and thin,  dark and thick

lie concealed behind 
the coloured mask of  multiple
 layered non woven fabrics, 

 or a strip of cloth or hand 
kerchief, the one of choice
extend a monotony,

 sans the distinctive features 
which go to make each 
individual  unique.

The latest trend seen is not 
because of stylish vogue, 
one enforced for safety