Ring A Ring A Roses

The bell goes.  Play time, shout 
 the third graders with glee,
try to  rush out  of the classroom.

Yolanda stops them, makes
 them  stand in line,
 one behind the other,

  “keep a decent distance between 
each other,  with fingers on the lips 
go one after another,”

she instructs. A military discipline, 
in their walk confers a charm. The next 
moment play ground bustles with activity,

She permits no physical touch,
not that she knew of Covid ,
she  fears  infighting,

Yolanda, a kind  teacher,
 just out from college, is scared 
of children hitting each other,

 she loves each one  so dear,
 allows them to  play, 
what they wish,

one is swinging high and low,  the other 
comes down on the slide,  two others
go up and down in a sea saw.

The young girl turned teacher 
sings  sweetly as she plays 
“ring a ring a roses” with 
‘the timidest of all.