There Almost

It is Diwali, joy enfolds,
wishes fly in the air
mobile phones experience 
a sweep, no more greeting 
cards,  emojis, Gifs,  videos 
swarm in like wild bees.

Waking up to the noise
of exploding fire crackers,
 I climb down the stairs,
 go through a leisurely
 oil bath, a must for Diwali,
warming the sesame oil .
gently rubbing through the hair,
massaging the body, washing off 
with  Shikakai rinsing with 
warm water, 

being a physical cleaning of the body 
along with the spiritual cleansing 
of the mind. Perform an abridged   puja,
followed by marking  new dress with turmeric
paste being another  tradition I adhere too. 
 I walk to the nearby temple, draped 
in a new green saree, worship  for a while
break coconuts and return home

 for a heavy feast.   The ceremonial 
oil bath induces sleep,  My eyes close , however 
much I tryt o keep them open, I sleep  
 hours  together as there are none 
to wake me up, except my husband 
who is engrossed in browsing.  Past the age 
when children would bother demanding 
things unheard off or engaging in quarrels,
 I dream of peace on earth and the contentment 
that comes with it.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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