Salam Alaikum

 I cannot believe. think of 
what has happened 
 quite unexpected,’ 
as I check and recheck 
the email  l which has landed 
a few minutes back,

it is in Malay, I know
very little of Bahasa Malay. 
Translate using Google, Once , it 
looks as though  I have been 
granted a full waiver in terms  
of payment. Incredible!
 I mutter.

Repeating the exercise, I am the one

who  suspects the most genuine, believes 
the fakest  easily. find that I have to 
pay in full on the stipulated date, 
 Aiyo! how am I going to do?

I cry, Check the bank accounts.
which reveals   minimum balance.
 Aiyo, I  wail.   Pacing up and down,
squeezing  the pallu of my saree.
sit and stand like a child, pour 
a glass of water down my throat.

 Click, click, tweets my mobile,
 I hasten to read the new message, 
fearing what adversities  are going 
to confront me further,
It reads, ” Cukai Dilepaskan
meaning full waiver. Thanking ,
Heavens,  I bow, greeting
 ” Salam Alaikum”   Salam Alaikum”


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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