Five In The Brood

it is about the siblings,
five of them  born with me,
one has departed recently,
 have been so unkind, very
 indifferent to me whatsoever 
reasons it could be, I am 
 unable to explore,

Being the fourth child 
 with two elder brothers
 and two younger ones
 and an older sister, the eldest
 I am a kind of sandwich 
 pressed on all directions.
 a silent but a sensitive one.

They quarrel, keep away 
from each other  for years,
 only  to conjoin more firmly 
soon after, forgetting 
the insinuations and insults 
as if nothing has taken place
sharing the bounties among them.

I am the one who stays away
 participate to the least
 being tied up with personal 
involvements, There arose a time 
when they and my parents 
not to leave them started to think
there being only five not six in the brood

Living very close in  body
distanced away in soul and spirit
I am perhaps considered dead and gone
years ago, decades back while I live 
in flesh and blood till date observing 
the partiality extended to me, a kind 
of accepting  deceit with disregard. 


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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