reverberation thoughts

A pictorial hue

Ketty  is set in the western ghats of India.

It is a small town,a few miles down Ooty in Nilgris South India.

I  spend a  few days out there,every now and then.

My two bedroomed cottage is locked in sylvan surroundings.

I am very fortunate to own such a beautiful  property.

It is atop a small hillock.

A tiny rivulet  is flowing  beside silently.

Down below ,the valley runs deep.

Up above ,the hills raise high.

 The sight is spectacular.

The valley is sparsely inhabited.

A few colonial houses with lush green lawns  are found in equal distances.

The dangling flower beds ,of roses, dahlias, marigold, chrysanthemum,hexoras, in the sprawling  bungalows, present a colourful hue

Perched on a mound ,I gaze through.

My eyes behold a scenario of inexpressible beauty.

Let me share the  beatitude with you all.

The grey hills with their big brown trees, aspire to touch the clear blue sky.

The blue water turns a shimmering silver in the sun.

The lush  green valley throws out  patches of  mild green cabbages ,luscious red carrots, strains of fleshy beige coloured potatoes,.and big wholesome white cauliflowers.

The surrounding is quiet ,silent ,except for  the munching  noise of a few high bred cows grazing in the thick green pastures.

I  languish in the  bright sun.

The imperial glamour ,the  stupendous finery ,the ornate splendour enwrap me.

The enriching panorama renders me mute.

Words are demeaning in such wonderful rhapsody.

Actions are disgusting in such heavenly reverie.

The I in me gets diffused.

The ego is disintegrated.

The spirit is revived,

I disappear

I am decimated.

I  feel light.

I take wings and float  amidst the black clouds to find an entry into infinity.


Roads of India

Bumps and potholes,

Pits and drains,

Diversions and deviations,

Man and animal,

Chaos and confusion,

marks the Indian  road condition.


Flow of terms

The U.S. economy is biting the dust.

It is also pulling the global finance with it.

There is a merry go round like pandemonium

There is also a stream of epithets pronounced

There is an unchecked tide of words addressed.

Making a tabulation of these terms, I compile

bailing out,

rescue plan,

take over,

sanction of,

reaching out,

extending a hand,

buying illiquid assets,

securing  good assets.

The list goes on,

iImust have missed a many in the process.

I must have mixed a few  in the milieu

They send a  strain of gaiety.

They also signal sadness,.

A natural phenomenon is brought to light.

Excess happiness brings tears

Extravagant sorrow provokes laughter.


Exquisite elaboration.

A thing of beauty is joy  forever.-Keats.

I felt likewise ,when I chanced to behold the chinese furniture.

They  are so beautifully done.

The inlaid  workmanship is eye catching.

The ornate carvings are breathtaking.

The proportion is fulfilling.

Every piece is a work of art.

Let be the dining table,,center piece.corner shelf. almirah,cots,and show cases.

My hands started to itch,

I could not take my eyes of a centre piece.

It was an excellent  work of art.

It was  a table of solid wood, with  artistic legs, fully embedded with chipsand impressively designed.

I had been advised by my friends to bargain in such centres.

.The salesman quoted  a hefty price.

He spoke in chinese.

I talked in English.

No progress could be made.

We resorted to sign language.There was little improvement.

Both of us were eager to conclude the deal.

We broke our heads,as to how to accomplish the deal.

I spotted a calculator.

It became our communication tool.

He pressed the numbers.

I followed suit.

I offered half of what he quoted.

He refused.

He mumbled.

In turns we worked on the calculator.

We settled on a price ,very favourable  to the buyer.-that is me.

I paid cash and walked out with head held high.

The centre table found a place in living area.

It added charm to the room.

The living area looked grand and elegant.

My friends and guests  showered praise on my taste.

They  quoted different prices.

Nothing came near my cost.

i had bought it cheap.

No, I had stopped down by engaging in limiting the price.

I felt ashamed of myself.

I had set a value to a piece of art.

I had  stifled the artistic fervour with my monetary means.

i had undermined the workmanship.

I had disqualified the creative  inclination.

The mercenary in me has suppressed the enthusiasm of a breed of craftsman.

I apologise  to you ,my dear chinaman.




Global Whirlpool.

The last decade saw a different pattern of buisness.

It was termed as Globalisation.

There was a huge frenzy .

There was a massive upturn.

Back offices,. Business process outsourcing  centres were opened in India and other south eastern countries.

The economy of these nations shot up.

A new badge of employees status was ascribed.

The outsourcing was done to minimise cost.

The companies did cut their expenses.

The workers were made to work in the nights.enabling the portfolio of response to their western boss.

A dismal process of cutting expenditure.

The pay packets were hefty.

It is very much unknown in this part of the world.

The financial institutions  also had an undue exposure

There was a joint venture agreement between majors.

There was a barrage of take overs.

All happened in regularar rhythmic movements.

Cheer and radiance spread  everywhere.

All good things should come to an end.

The sub prime crisis in U.S was the first jolt.

The housing crunch, failure of banks, insurance companies added a vehement blow  to the rosy economy.

The financial storm battered U.S.

Asian markets, European financials  were engulfed by this whirl wind.

Can we call this financial tsuanmi?

Nay ,Tsuanmi  is restricted to one particular geographical location.

Tsuanami is less ferocious in this aspect ,than the. economic down troddence.

The most powerful natural detractors are -Fire, water and wind.

This financial diaster is most  pronounced

The affliction  is fathomless.

The  misery is unmeasureable.

The physical perception of tsuanami and the financial downturn  may be altered.

The Fury of the ocean  is  ghastly.- loss of life at once

The anger of the monteary failure is starvation.-loss of life in  interruptions.

Invisible errors like job displacement leads to financial crunch ‘ultimately  treading towards penury.

If not ,for this unmindful globalisation, most states would have fared well.

Countries which secured political independence,a half century back,are financially conquered  by this unseemly predictions.

once again they have to struggle for liberty- economical freedom.

Let us be what we are. Let us not ape others..

contentment is tranquillity.

Peace of mind brings eternal sublimity.


Content Theft.

Internet is linking us globally.

The technology is upbeat.

Communication is racing in supersonic speed.

The amazing acceleration brings with it certain punitive burglaries.

Stealing material  from a website is a  serious violation.

Content is creation.

It is the  babe of the mind.

First an idea is conceived.

It grows in the mind.

It undergoes changes at various stages.

It is delivered  finally as a publication.

The author reaches a state of ecstasy.

He  experiences bliss.

His  evolution is now posted in black and white.

Misfortune be-fells him.

One fine day, his labour ‘his work of wordy design,is whisked away by another.

He is shocked.

Does not the  looter know that

Stealing is a crime.

Is he not aware that

Loss of money can be compensated.

Loss of kind can be accommodated.

Loss of content  cannot be replaced.

Does not he understand that,

It is intellectual theft.

It is sacrilegious.

It is unethical.

It is to be condemned.

He has to be dealt with severity.

It is gospel truth

Man deceives man.


Dietary Indulgence

Reading maketh a full man -Bacon.

Voracious reading tempers the mind.

Reading the right material enriches thought.

Partaking  proper  food   energises our body.

Food also tones our feelings.

It radiates energy.

Vegetables provide the best fundamentals for a healthy diet.

The swiftest animal is horse.

It is an omnivorous species.

It consumes grass,grains, millet.

To denote the power of a machine ,we use horsepower.

All vegetables are rich in vitamins.

They contain all resources for the well being.

The  Jain vegetarian meal does not comprise of onions, garlic.

The Jain’s feel that these two ingredients arouse the  inappropriate pleasure in man.

Pure vegetarian diet culls the animal instincts in man.

A strict follower of this food is mostly away from crudities.

The withdrawl from non vegeterian dish-chicken ,lamb .pork and fish, render  him   most pleasant and genial.

This abstinence sharpens his Wit

His blood is not contaminated by foul fat.

It is free from cholesterol.

The flow in the blood vessel is even and regular.

His behaviour is most approved.

His posture is charming.

He deters himself from committing a sin.

He does not kill a fellow creature for his bread.

This refrainment requires a plausible accolade.




Heritage and Garbage

India is a land of diversity.

It is the birth place of two distinct religion, or better termed as cults-Jainism and Buddhism.

Hinduism is the most ancient religion.

it is the most tolerant  version of spirituality.

Christianity  was spread by the jesuits in India

Islam came into India with the Moghuls. 

India is known for its ahimsa as practised by Gandhi.

The gregarious temples profess a sign of bhakthi .

Tradition stii has its significance in this vast  country.

This ancient nation has been subjugated to treason recently.

Chennai ,the southern city of India,has been the receptacle of garbage from U.K

A town from Britain has exported its throw aways to this city,

To be more precise, the town authorities have sold their watse to a company.

This company has to recycle the plastic and other indisposable items.

As recycling   is expensive, 150 pounds per Metric tonne,the company decided to export it to India for a meagre amount of 49 pounds..

Chennai has become a dumping ground for U.K.waste.

The write up sent signal of sadness and anguish.

Britain had looted  India’s wealth.,while it colonised the country.

It had robbed India of its glory.

It had torn the faces of  Indians

It had decimated the Indian fortitude.

It is now engaged in shipping garbage.

Thus making the city stink..

Thus turning the environment unhealthy.

Thus depositing infection and disease.

Thus subduing the well being of the inhabitants.

This indulgence is a transgression,.

This is not true Christianity,

This is not what is found in the Holy Bible.

This is not one among the Ten  Commandments.

Leave India alone.

The poor country, with  all its misfortunes, is making a steady progress.

Its power is still unknown.

The Indian stoicism is misunderstood by the world at large.


where are you my big brother?

U.S is in turmoil.

It is nearer to recession.

10 banks have collapsed.

Fannie and Freddie have been taken over by Fed.

Lehman Bros is filing bankruptcy.

Disaster announcements are frequent.

The top officials are bitten by the bug.

Bank of America acquires Merrill .

It is a slow march towards trouble.

Elections are round the corner.

The incumbent ,a democrat or republican,has to perform.

He has to work round the clock to make the nation ticking.

It is facile to head a prosperous state.

It is onerous to lead a quake prone country.

U.S is in a delicate devolution.

The popular attribute to U.S was “a land of plenty”.

A jocular remark was prevelant in the last four decades..It said,

Even a donkey, which entered U.S ,without any travel documents, refused to cross the soil.

Now the land of riches is in a sordid state.

The land of opportunities is now a place of distortions.

The financials are in the brink of liquidation.

The future of the nation is bleak.

Arrogance ,audacity and imperialism have  given way to anguish, agony and peevishness.

The state has to mend its ways.

It has a laborious task ahead.

Quenching snobbishness, quelling war thirst and stabilising the quivering economy  will take the nation to its one time glory.

I wish you well, my ailing brother.



Fair and Foul plays the wind.

Look into Shakespeare’s works.

They abound in wisdom.

They are enriched by the fantasy of the language.

They are packed with pithy sayings.

We can draw references.

We can conclude on inferences.

This particular statement from  Macbeth keeps on clicking in my mind.

What a cryptic analysis.!

What an admirable alignment.!

It is rich in content.

It is spelt by the witches,

It is an announcement of the good things followed by the bad ones.

Macbeth’s rise and fall  is foretold.

The wind is pleasant,at one stage.

It  can turn violent later.

Treading the right path will lead to delights.

Crossing the  wrong direction will drag to disaster.

Macbeth was in comfort  till he was righteous.

Macbeth tumbled into doom,when he altered his track.

The tragic outcome is pronounced by the witches in the denouement.

The depiction of  Macbeth’s fall is poignant.

Th atmosphere of pain and grief is set in the opening scene.

Shakespeare builds the tempo meticulously.

Sobriety and concoction of  evil deeds go hand in hand.

Sanguinity and blood shed  are inseparable

Murder and death are  amalgamated.

Vile and con jury are co opted together.

We see the genius at work.

Fine narration,methodical calculations,flowery style,and subtle plotting give a sublime tone to Macbeth.

The mastecraftsman is at his best in Macbeth.