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Hither,Thither, Everywhere.

Where do I belong?

It is a small world.To traverse the world we need a few days. From the southern Hemisphere  to the northern extreme , you can fly in not less than a day. There are numerous flights connecting various destinations, in different continents,with offers, promotional, holiday, packages so on and so forth, that the travel lover is enticed to so many options, that he takes a week , perhaps a month to decide. See the paradox, to travel you need a day, but to decide you need a month. It so happens, that to choose ideal locations, at appropriate times, we need duration plenty.

My case is different. I have two countries in particular to spend my year. I prefer to stay in a country for three months, then take the next one. But it never occurs. I embark in the specific country, unpack my things, set the house in order, indulge in purchases for the day to day existence, I mean the grocery, fruits and vegetables,,call my milk vendor and when I settle comfortably it is already a week has gone. The next week passes with no fan fare, just committing myself to the daily chores.As the third week approaches, I get calls from the other country , that my presence is needed on such and such dates. I had been careful in planning my schedules , by arranging each and every detail with sincere attention. I try to dilly dally for a week, but the pressure mounts up. I have to pack my bags once again, keep the house in order, this time in a different way, by emptying everything from the refrigerator filling it with groceries that will not get rot , once kept in the fridge. Putting all my valuables in a safe place, I pick up my bag to the flight.

Another surging is ahead of me. To get hold of my domestic staff ,and once again unpacking, replenishing my store with grocery, cleaning , and answering to people starts with a full velocity. In this part of the world, I have certain other unwanted alibi, that has to be followed ,if I have to retain my identity in society, that of social  calls. I do that with disciplined fervour.

It seems amusing  certain times, But specifically has a telling effect on your nerves, on your recourse and on your stability. Yes ,it is hither, thither, everywhere, but in reality nowhere.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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