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Fly Above.

A street car named desire.

The rising  dawn in a silvery tone.

The  early morn rising  from a slumber,

The cool dainty rustling breeze,

Invite me,

To fly above.

The  receding dusk in a golden hue,

The eve  settling to a sombre mood,

The gentle  tired whispering wind,

Beckon me ,

To fly above.

The  shimmering  moon  alighting   from  the sky,

The night sinking into   pitch darkness,

The silent  sleepy whispering wind,

Call me ,

To fly above.

Wish to fly away from the crowd,

Long to run away from the fret,

Like to get away from the world,

Love   so much,

To fly above.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

15 replies on “Fly Above.”

“Poems On The Move”.
The first, “Meandering Through”. caricatures the slow walk,
The second , “Hover Over ” depicts the speedy jump.
The third ,”Sail Across”, glides through the jerks.
The Last , “Fly Above” saunters towards the infinite.

Please return favors to poets who were here,
Thank you in advance…
everyone needs encouragement…
Happy Friday!

I have sent this to every poet in my list.

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