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The Word.

Words do have meaning.

They possess feelings.

They issue commands.

They are never to be broken.


Word is the essence of talk.

It enhances the speech.

It adds to the charm

It lifts up the pride.


Words are not playthings.

None can play and push it apart.

None can  talk and ignore.

None can spell and forget.




Word catches up like fire.

It lasts longer than fire.

It hurts more than burns .

The resultant  wound never heals.



A word is a promise.

It has an idealistic value.

It has a classic significance.

Its claims are lofty and tall.


An irresponsible word destroys sobriety.

An irrational word hampers  harmony.

A harsh word dampens decorum.

A rude word  damages the cordiality.


Word needs a careful address.

It requires a soft semblance.

It  reflects one’s personality.

It speaks about one’s dignity.

Be careful  with your terms.

Be cautious with your speech.

Be polite in your talk.

Above all, be definite in your word.