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Divine Mockery

It is a likelihood of  proximity.

Might be a fallacy of divinity.

Calling for an immediate spontaneity.

Preceded by a tantalising  agitation.

Followed by a vigorous affectation.

Spurred by a disoriented infusion.

The eyes wink in a speedy flutter.

The lips move in a strange clatter.

Words surge in and out in fine chatter.

The crowd throngs in a feverish momentum.

Eager to listen to the frenzied dictum.

Holding their breath they await the referendum.

Gradually the  letters decipher into an ultimatum.

The words are strung  to form a verbatim.

The wordy garland  carries a prediction of events.

It is impregnate with a content.

The belief is beyond admission.

Well, it is an individual decision.

Going by it is a blind faith.

It  is obviously  a myth. 

Yet, it has an arterial appeal.

 It penetrates through the circulation.

Insinuating a deep perpetuation.

They conjoin the mind and body in integration.

It is an experience thrilling, no doubt

Yet, it lacks an authenticity in stout.

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The Cardinals

Mind your language.

It reflects your lineage.

It gives you a leverage.


Mind your anger. 

It talks of you in meagre 

It lasts longer.


Mind your behaviour.

It illustrates your interior.

It delivers a profound exterior.


Mind your pride.

It takes you for a ride.

It dwells within your hide.


Mind your desire.

It evolves an aspire.

It diffuses into an ire.


Mind your attire.

It might infer a satire.

It spreads an admire.


Mind yourself in the world.

It is the perfect road.

It would lead you to heights untold.