Actions Anger greed Poem

Greed Conquers

greedy_handThe greedy hand
seized the brand
built with pain
let alone for gain.

The brand was a fruit
of a band cute
developing patents
to the able tenants.

In a limited time
the greedy claim
the rights as their own
usurping all in a tone.

The inventions
got a distinction
but this abrupt seizure
served as teaser.

Well, that being so
the avaricious in slow
snatch the whole
causing a drole.

No not what to do
the brainy brood
losing their rights
which go out of sight.

Actions Enrichment Poem


Beneath a large tree
there was a bumble bee
humming a song
as it roamed along
sucking the nectar
from a sector
of a shoe flower
at the end lower
the pollens stick
to its wings in a wink
while the bee flies away
the grains scatter in the way
causing a pollination
in a most unobtrusive fashion
enriching nature with a fecundity
enabling a carry over in all its entirety.

shoe flower

Actions Poem thoughts

The Rat Is Dead.

ratThe tiny rat got into the room.
I tried to chase it with a broom.
It ran here and there in fear.
I ran everywhere.
The rat squeaked and cried.
However much I tried
I could not strike it.
It looked so agile and fit
Knowing not how to catch the rat
hesitantly gave a blow with a bat.
The rat fell down flat and swirled.
In a few minutes it lay dead.

Architecture Beauty Poem thoughts

The House That Would Be

corridorsmother of pearlA spacious house it would be
if designed with an eye on an alibi
of halls opening into corridors
of long passages with massive doors
in turn letting to a vivid grass
where long stretch of rose beds cross
rooms with windows on opposite sides
promoting ventilation without any slide
holding furnitures of teak and rosewood
decked with inlays of mother of pearl in a brood
While the doors execute a chaste reference
the windows induct a brisk inference.
as the walls stand out with murals
of value and tradition describing the medieval
fittings of light exude a warmth and rectitude
adding up the grace and glory with a beautiful. attitude.