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Punctuations Of Life.

The days past bring memories nostalgic. sketch of life
Turning back is always symbolic.
The days of walk and run present a scenery
of speed and briskness resembling a reverie.
The years of learning and gaining knowledge
depict a planned lifestyle easy to acknowledge.
The period of raising a family and earning
puts forth a system that requires a lot of sharing.
The last days of retirement and solitude
proposes peace and tranquillity that melts down as attitude.

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In Crossroads

The garbage lies in the yard in heaps.
Carry bags of polythene make up the heap.
Unmindful of the eyesore people go about
throwing more rubbish undestrgarbageoyable on the heap.

There emanates a foul smell from the garbage.
Mosquitoes and insects breed in millions in the garbage
infecting the people around with ghastly illness.
by attacking them along with their entourage.

However much offensive they prove
the collection seems to grow without any reprove.
The people pay no attention to civic rules.
They like to live on amidst the stench in an approve.

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Love is Power

Love keeps you going
if nothing else is showing.
Love gives you a direction
if the rest tempt you to a deviation.
Love assigns you a proximity
while most deals express an enmity.
Love extends a relation
leading to a lively elation.
Love is a therapy sound
as it heals the hurt found.
Love unfolds itself in many ways
mostly through the motherly sway.
Love draws individuals together
by uniting themselves in a bondage altogether.
Love is eternal as it lasts always
overshadowing money,creed and class with an amaze