Actions Care Experience Poem

Unabated Cry.

The babe was crying.
while the mother was sleeping.
Hearing the baby’s cry
the mother opened her eyes.
Rocked the cradle few times
to make the little one sleep in time.
The baby continued crying.
The mother unknowing
at the moment what to do
resorted to feeding in a go.
The lady of the next house
came in swift toes.
Looking at the baby close
she found a small ant in force
biting the baby under the nose.
Smiling she caught the ant red
and put the baby in the bed.

ant biting

Actions metaphor Poem

The Game

Playing in the games field
the children made a deed.
There were two teams
expressing full beam.
The first team Orange
had a definite arrange.
The second one pink
gave a lovely link.

The game began.
The Orange clan
started the contest.
It was a throwing test.
Threw did the orange team
to a distance beyond the dream.
The pink team entered with a clinch
but they superseded the former by an inch.

The Orange did not accept
saying it was a cheat preset.
The Pink got angry nevertheless
shouted that team Orange is spineless.
The game of the kids concluded in abhorrence
as the life of adults end up in turbulence


Actions Nature Poem

The Helpless

The night was dark and silent.
There was no noise high or low
The owl was hooting like a tyrant.
The flying bats caused a terrific blow.
Perched on the window sill the dove was quiet.
Any untoward move would bring danger.
It kept to itself in the cloudless night
perceiving a serious risk from the stranger.
The night grew darker still.
The hooting became unbeatable till
a fearful wind came with a force
disturbing the owl to take a course.
The owl made its way to a far off place
The bats halted their frantic pace.
The lonely dove then rested in peace. dove