Hung The Clothes

Hung the clothes for drying

the suns rays came  penetrating

I could stand no more

just put them in four

rushed inside as quickly

went out after an hour  shortly

the clothes all in four

have dried up to the core

that being the strength  of the sun

to live in this  place  is not fun

calls for an unimaginable endurance

should be driven by a perseverance.01-green-project



My Abode.

I live in an abode

with cats and monkeys

in the  entire surround

sparrows  do hop and playsemidetached home

in the morning they abound

the dogs bark and whine

the nights are filled with such sound

on either side of me

live the Chinese with their families

opposite to me

there is an Indian man from the army

a little away from me

a Malay man runs a Nasi kandar  shop

I live amidst all of them

my English keeps me on top.



The Feverish Fret

The feverish fret over an occasion

provokes a laughter too much

the one who  is in a delusion

cannot confront as such

deputes not one but too many

they succumb to his pressure

come out with issues tiny

they not being directly involved

act on behalf and for the sake

not bothered about what evolves

nor hear or listen to  what breaks

the feverish man does the same

every way and everywhere he could

unmindful of the  reputation and name.Worried Man clipart






The Shrill Tweet.

The shrill tweet of a bird

seemed to be strange

as I have not heard

any sound in that range.


It was in a high note

very sharp and long

came in a tumultuous  float

nothing like a song.


I could not decipher

what bird it could be?

I was not able to infer

the bird flew away in bird










A Man And His Wife.

A man and his wife

came home the day

could that be any day

yesterday, day before

even days before

am not specific

better to be a related  say

as I feel  always the day

does not count that much

it is the talk as such

would  be of concern

a telephonic exchange  in turn

would not reveal the expression

the face to face interaction

would give out the thought

well, this  is how I was taught

I tend to stray away from the main

would be of course of no gain

this man and wife in topic  now

have something i their mind below

curious  in a way to know

being a part of them in all

mostly  an intention to gather wool

want they to pass it on to their coterie

they feign with their acts of dignity

their eyes revolved  in a wander

their tongue spoke words of no wonder

finally their pretense got exposed

well, that is how the world is

consider them to be the least

get ahead with your feast.









Could There Be Anyone Around?

Placed some grains on the parapet wall

the sparrows came near  the wall

saw this way and that way in fear

could there be anyone around?


Stood a little away from the wall

they perched themselves on the wall

saw this way and that way in fear

could there be anyone around?


They  picked the grains from the wall

one by one they flew from the wall

saw this way and that way in fear

could there be anyone around?


The necessity drives one to the wall

who struggles to get over the wall

forces one to see this way and that way

could there be anyone around?



Life is ours all the same

others are there only in name

clear the mind out of fear

there could be no one around.sparrows