Namasivaya vaalga nathanthan vaalga.  

Come Monday,
Meenakshi  performs
an elaborate puja.

Lights the five wicks in the silver lamp,
decorates the lamp with kumkum and sandal paste
ties a string of roses around its neck,

the shine is lustrous.
neither bright nor dull,
Divinity dawns.

The powdered sambrani  sprinkled
over the red hot cinders lets out a smoke with a pleasant odour
An aura of Godliness spreads.

She ignites the incense sticks.
Thin rays of fumes meander and rise slow.
Piety enfolds.

Well versed in Thirumurai,
Meenakshi invokes God
renders the Thiruvasakam in her mellifluous voice.

Vanagi, mannagi, unnaagi  oliyagi, she sings
a hymn that identifies God with the universe.
She communes with God.

A soul stirring rendition- an indulgence
of the spirit  in earnest.
Sublimity enfolds.

She offers to Lord Shiva
varieties of sweets, along
with milk mixed  with kalkandu

She does not repeat her dishes
It  will be Pongal the next week
and payasam the week after.

Offers delicacies to Lord Shiva
a token of gratitude
in response to his Benevolence.

The tradition of years
passed on to generations
devolves into a yoga.

The puja
delivers an unprecedented strength.
Peace transcends.                             d