Reading Ramayana

Reading the Ramayana,
whenever and wherever I can
is the way of my life.

I read with a fervour.
I am the happy Sita, once
picking flowers and playing with Rama.

I read with expressions
resemble a distressed  Sita
pining for Rama in the Asoka Vana.

At times, I take the cue of Ravana,
speak like him a thunderous voice
shaking the  ten heads.

Fastidious as it would be,
I  jump like Hanuman
cross the seas in a felicity.

I fight like Rama
shoot with a bow and arrow
pronounce the Brahmasthiram.

I imitate Lakshmana.
He being a personification
of faithfulness,  Stand
erect and watchful
beside Rama.

Ramayana  is beatitude
and  bliss conjoined.
Reading the epic  is a fulfillment
beyond comprehension.