The Way I Shop.

Long I am enchanted
by the mother of pearl
embedded in furniture
Happened to see one
while I was travelling.

It must be in Singapore, I think
I hopped off the bus
saw on the display
a beautiful piece of art.
I crossed the road
at the instant,
not minding the honking
heard one of the drivers
curse me crying out
Oh, bodoh apa yang kamau buat?”

The centrepiece was
lovely and exquisite
inlaid with mother of pearl
the motif being a peacock
dancing away to glory.

A coincidence:
One of my friends
called me from China
said she knows a manufacturer
who makes beautiful furniture.

Delighted, I asked her to buy
what all she likes
afraid not of the price.

She did as told
and a whole set of furniture
arrived home soon after.
She did as told
and a whole set of furniture
arrived. home soon after.
I am blessed
my friends, and protege
shop for me
keeping in mind my taste.