The Queen Of Fruits.

A fruit typical
not very ethical
found in the tropicals
called Mangosteen
has a tough exterior
a red surface on the anterior
while in the interior
lies the white ball
comprises of segments
correspond to the ligaments
found in the external regiment
a calculation by the Creator
the inner energy as felt
equates itself in a duet
with the outer one in a fete.
one balance the other
if not, there could be an imbalance
leading to a diabolical occurrence
of the atmospheric disturbance.

The mangosteen
illustrates in its humility
the juxtaposition in its ability
else, would result  in a status of debility.

The fruit
is the most delectable of all tropical fruits
luscious and evocative as the exotic East
an exact combination of acid and sugar, least
makes one’s mouth water, a delightful feast
hailed as “The Queen of Fruits.”