The similarities strike.
The mother, daughter, granddaughter
the chain of evolution:
finds a coherence in relativity
assumes a coordination in depth.

An impact,
the mother and daughter,
look alike: a profile of the two
sets the tone.
The curve is exact. The mother shows a droop.
while the daughter displays an adroit.

An influence,
the character sends a signal. Relying on the virtual,
the unflinching courage emerges.
The junior is dashing.
The senior portrays a moderation. Perhaps,
mellowed by age and experience.

The gestures, as apparent, bear an emphatic likeness.
The cameo,
the way the older one engages: twists her two fingers
places them on her lips when pensive. Vivid in my memory
The younger one knowingly or unknowingly keeps alive
this tradition.
Amazed to find the grandchild sit in a similar posture.

The fingers placed over the lips resemble a mudra ,
a quaint, but a stylish abhinaya

Knowing both of them intimately, I am amazed.
The mother is dead and gone.
She comes back with a bang through her daughter, who unassumingly
proliferates the maternal idiosyncracies.

Surprised to observe the semblance in the grandchild.

the genes are predominant.
This being,
an evidence supporting the genomes.