The Silent Splendour

The Aalamaram (Banyan tree)
spreads its branches
that touch the ground.
in a sign of gratitude
shown to the soil,
which nurtures its growth.

A paradox:
the grandeur beguiles
the humility.

A phenomenon:
the growth of the tree,
the transformation,
as seen during the seasons
explicitly in the leaves
as they turn
green, red and finally yellow
present a colourful diaspora
that astounds.

A benevolence:
The tree, as seen ,
serves as a playground for the kids,
a resting place for the travellers,
a shelter from the elements.

A munificence:
provides a habitation for the birds,
insects and the rodents
extending:security within its branches
protecting nests within its clusters.

A philanthropy:
bears fruits and nuts
feeding the birds
supplementing Man’s diet.

A Splendour:
The silence, it invokes
between the occasional rustle
and the wind prone ruffle
releases an awe
all too inspiring.