The Lily of The Desert.

The wild plant
found in the tropics
unkempt and rugged
stood like an old man
within the beds of exotic roses,
jasmine and sunflowers.

An eyesore
the succulent grew in all humility.
When I attempted to uproot it
Swedha, my friend,
a lover of plants
bids me to leave it be.

Enumerating on its magical uses
she opened my eyes to its intrinsic value.
“Value is superior to beauty” quoth Swedha
Aloe vera, is a protective herb,
keeps evil influences out of the home
and prevents accidents.

As for the medicinal uses,
Swedha continued with enthusiasm
it is a soothing remedy for burns,
and a skin Rejuvenator. Its juice is a
natural cleanser, an antioxidant
relieves stomach cramps.

I listened to her with rapt attention.
Swedha! I cried in appreciation.
She quietened me and summed up saying,
Aloe vera is a plant of Immortality.
Ancient civilisations revered it as a
sacred, mystical and spiritual plant.

Swedha’s lecture was so engaging.
I travelled into the realms of spirituality
dived into the land of Kemet.
I visualised Cleopatra applying Aloe vera
on her brown skin to enhance her natural beauty.

I had neglected this plant all this while.
if only I had made use of it,
I would have remained young and graceful.
Well, that is not to be.