Boleh La.

The slang found in a language
derived from various cultures
extends fun and interest
turns it dynamic.
Certain of them are musical
 with an intonation sweet
one such  is the “la”
invariably used in Malaysia.
It is, “OK, la”
in  the simplest terms
to a much-designed speech
interspersed  with  “la”.
“La “concludes the sentence
in a softening tone.
 Did  “la”?
 originate from the Malays,
 the Chinese or the Indians
the three predominant ethnic groups
 of the Malayan archipelago.
I think, refer and explore.
Back in India ” la” is unheard
wish to ask the China man,
my neighbour,
whether they brought the word
from the mainland.
Curious I approach
a Malay Perempuan,
Mrs. Basheer.
 She  smiles  throwing
 a response
 peculiar to her clan.
Puan, Tiada, la,”
“Madam,  I do not know,”
walks past briskly bidding
“Bye, la”.