The Tamil I Hear.

My mother tongue,  Tamil
talked in different ways
falls into regional slangs.

The language, as spoken in Chennai
has a discordant voice
being very crude.
“Punthikinu, isthikinu
(To enter, to bring).”

The Kongu Tamil as heard
around Coimbatore and nearby towns
sets a tone with a drawl.
“Enungo, sollungo.
(What, tell).”

In Thanjavur the dialect
is distinct with a Brahmin intonation
“Ava sonna, atthukku
(They told, house).”

The Chettinad language
is peculiar with less emphasis
and a flexibility in speech
“Avuga, vanthuttaaga.
(They, have come”).

The Madurai Tamil
is bold and strong
resemble a command
“Ennathu?, sollunga.
(what? tell).”
That of Tirunelveli stand, key.
a mix of Malayalam accent
a little musical to hear.
“Nikki, thiravu kol
(Stand, key).”

Apart from this is the diction
of each sect, that brings forth
a version greatly dissident  and strange.