The Raven And The Scarecrow.

The speech above self
has subdued.
The feeling he is above all
has died.

A tame figure rises
much against the original
being Mona who decries
and slanders.

He is a raven
sheared off its feathers
bald and shrivelled
not pleasing anyway.

He hides behind
his brother Sega
another disgruntled fellow
who is like a scarecrow.

The raven and scarecrow
as they are seen around
walk hand in hand
wherever they go.

They have lost their say, they think
for that matter, they never had one
a pair of empty-headed brothers
irrationality being their valour

Having fallen into evil ways
they parade without the gusto
they are a worn out pair unhappy
who had lived largely eating out
their brother  share.