Fusion-Blood and Beauty

Silence rules
beauty reigns
quite and solemn
Jammu and Kashmir
looks most times.

A bomb explodes somewhere,
dispels the calm.
The unexpected
militant insurgency
destroys peace.

The beautiful land
lies in a pool of blood
death stares.

An interval
nothing amiss  for a while.

The enchantment resumes
the valley looks glorious.

Stays not for long.
Again a conflict,
threat and struggle
scary it turns.

A distortion
beyond comprehension.
A scar indelible irks.
Innocence is ravaged.

A permutation and combination
defying every rule of nature.
The accord and discord
being an ironic hyperbole.

Jammu and Kashmir is a mix
of blood spilled over
and blossoms  strewn
with a fragrance – a fusion