Match Making

It is a sequence
going on in silence,
 least in whispers,
 as when the girl 
 attains puberty.

Her growth, 
so long unnoticed
 comes to light.
 every inch, literally
 being observed.

The little girl, mostly 
between 10 and 13, 
 goes through the days
knowing that watchful eyes
 are behind her back. 

Elders start man hunt
 so to say, looking out 
for eligible bachelors,
educated. handsome,
from equal status.

The follow up with 
friends and relatives
  a  discreet effort.
 Careful assessment 
of wealth   is done side by side.

The thirteen year old,
 turns an adult, graduates.
 Having  found the right boy,
 parents go ahead, negotiate,
finalize. It is accomplished,

The girl has no say , nor does 
the boy. It is arranged. “Perfectly”
 claims the family. How good?
 the bride and the bridegroom 
are going to make. 

 They have a smooth ride,
 with quarrels and feuds, sometimes 
 serious,  each one keep the poise.
Divorces do not happen. it is  an
understanding without understanding.

Disputes may come.
 controversies may go
 but the wedlock goes on.
 The ” perfect” marriage
 sees children, grand children. 


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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