Kothai Nachiar

Periazhwar  is dumbfounded,
his chanting ceases as he hears  
a baby’s cry in the garden.

He stumbles over a tulsi bush
almost falls on the ground
where he sees a just born girl.

Childless Azhwar  is overjoyed,
 holds the baby to his bosom
thanks Lord Renganatha.

Kothai, as she is named 
learns Tamil literature 
from the savant.

Like her father she composes 
beautiful hymns or pasurams 
in honour of Lord.

She excels in garland making
 and over the course
 decks her with the garland.

looks at her reflection in the mirror,
dances around singing  songs
in praise of the Lord.

Azhwar  admonishes her 
bids her make another  one,
 pleads forgiveness.

The Lord  pacifies him
by appearing in his dreams.
The girl is in love with God.

Soon Kothai  grows up
Azhwar wants to get her married.
Kothai expresses her wish.

Shocked by her demand  Azhwar 
appeals to Lord Renganatha
who rescues him,

asks him to bring his daughter
 to Srirangam, His 
primary residence.

Both undertake the journey.
On reaching the portals 
Kothai runs to the sanctum,

Azwar tries to keep pace,
 takes long steps, unable to
 match her speed, he lags behind.

As Kothai nears the sanctum
 the doors  throw open, as though 
in a flourish the girl  disappears,

a  lightning  blindfolds,
Azhwar slides down trembling.
 cries Oh Renganatha!  in frenzy.



By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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