The Way I Do

The fourteenth of January
every year [i]Pongal[/i]
festival otherwise called
harvest festival is celebrated.
I keep the earthen pots
and earthen stove
on the North East patio.

I use to decorate the area
every year the previous day
placing sugarcane on either side,
hanging stringed Mango leaves
at the entry. Draw [i]kolams [/i]
with rice powder. Not in absolute
perfection but in haphazard way.

Fearing rains, I did not go
with the elaboration,the night before
thought I can do it in the morning.
Rising early, I prepare breakfast,
elaborate meals according
to tradition. Two broths,
seven vegetables, dhal, [i].pappad [/i]/

The sky turns cloudy, looks like
rains would come any time.Daring
the rains,I decide to go with the usual.
Start my [i]kolam[/i],
bring the stoves and pots. rice,
jaggery, milk. Light the firewood
and the preparation commences.

Midway there is a light drizzle,
undaunted I proceed. In half an hour
I complete. Before I could perform
the puja, I hear a feeble thunder
my heart races, it should not get spoilt,
almost over, I pray silently.. Nothing
does happen. I am done.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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