Malaysia’s inflation

Malaysia’s inflation soars to 26 years high.
The consumer price index rose by 3.9 month by month and 7.7 year by year.
The robust economy quivered a little ,when the government hiked gasoline by 40% 1.98 Rm to 2.7 Rm.
Bank Negara is monitored by the government.
Tightening credits will bring down inflation.
Industries and plantation will feel the pinch.
Political uncertainty is also pulling down the financials.
The trace of global slowdown is reflected in Malaysia’s economical digressions


Women’s jobs

I happened to read a column that women’s  jobs are more vulnerable  during down turn.

A ridiculous reporting.

Does job displacement single out women?

Both man and woman should be  bread winners. A woman’s income is not a supplement but a necessity.

The gender fixation is still dominant in a male chauvinistic world.

Recession is driving us mad.

inflation is making us madder  still.

Job cuts demoralise us.

We are feeling insecure.

Reporters go by statistics.

Bank’s debacle  has envisaged  maximum job cuts.

Most women are thrown out of work.

Banks are slowly  reequipping  under regulators.

Women will adapt to changing circumstances with ease.

No need to panic


Textile industry -A disaster.

Textile industry is losing its shine.

Three highs  have sealed the fate of the industry.

Wages High

Raw material cost are very high.

Power cost is equally high.


To redeem the industry from distress certain reforms are to be introduced.

Tax breaks,interest rebates,and a fresh dose of  sops will help the industry to come out of the  blue.

The recent hike in interest rate by reserve bank of India is adding misery to the textile sector.

Many mills have announced closure.

The properties are up for sale.

Manufacturing is becoming awesome.

A negative sign to industrial growth indeed!!


Gold Tracks down.

Gold is sliding rapidly.
The epidemic fall is beyond comprehension.
Is a big debacle ahead?
Oil is pulling gold with it.
All predictions of gold rising above 1000$ have gone bust.


The Debt recovery tribunal In india

DRT is the acronym  of Debt recovery tribunal.

This tribunal is very active in recent times.

It was first located in the four metropolis of india ,Delhi, mumbai Kolkatta and chennai.

At prsent it has its branches in most of the cities in India.

The increase in offices is an indicator to the rise of defaulting companies.

Defaulters can be classified as wilful, and natural.

Almost every day we can see advertisements posted by DRT in news papers.

The judgement is mostly in favour of the financial institutions.

Corporates, small business  are not spared by DRT.

Most deserving cases are totally ignored.

The merits of the case is not taken into account.

The story of a the genuine defendant is suppressed.

Th financial institutions have a upper hand.

The natural defaulters are furthermore squeezed.

The DR T’s are  Shylock’s of the modern era

A pound of flesh is their motto.

Harassment meted out to genuine defaulters should be restricted.

Compassionate approach should be present.

The tribunal should find out the reason for such failures .

Remedial measures are to be  worked out.

Such that the rise in non performing assets could be contained.

The much battered industrial sector will thrive , if only such practices are enforced.


Black Gold

Oil palm  looks grand  with gold  fruits ,massive in size with a black tough exterior.

I was amazed at the sight of an oil palm plantation.

Malaysia is puncuated by  dense palm trees.

The vast stretches pose an awesome view.

Oil palm is  Malaysia’s cash crop.

The trees are harvestd every fortnight.

Hauling of fruits is done methodically.

I watched the process in rapt attention.

The Indonesian squad  is deft and skilful in hauling the fruits,,

The gathering of fruits and loading them  provide a feast to the eyes.

Oil palm plantation requires lesser workforce, lesser care ,than rubber.

Fresh fruit bunches  ‘ price rose to 817 RM /Tonne during mid march.

True to the word Black Gold is as valuable as yellow gold.


Beat the inflation.

Inflation is running rampant.
Prod the ways to overcome this beguiling word.
1. Cut short on gasoline.
a.Use public transport. remote areas utilise car pools.
c. restrict vacationing.
d. by feet to nearby places.
2.Minimise shopping.
a.confine to necessary items.
b.disengage from buying expensive gadgets.
3.Avoid wastage.
a minimum input for maximum output.
Thrift is the antonym of inflation


Holding captives

Outsourcing is a  popular sport and business.

India is a hub  for this  game.

Overeas companies, banks, news agencies,  medical professionals, legal firms. sent their work to India.

They were the biggest beneficiary.

Indians lured by the glamour-wages,perks,opted to slog in these hot spots.

AS such, rentals , land value,property appreciation escalated in metros.

The big cities  are in a verge of bursting.

Bangalore a sleepy city a decade ago ,better known for its salubrious climate,beautiful gardens,has lost its pristine beauty.

It looks like a old hag heavily made up.The outsourcing activity is becoming weak, as the principles are in

a quaky predicament.

There is lot of displacement, disappointment, and despondency.

Indians fought for political freedom half a century back, now they have to  struggle for financial emancipation


Business journalism

Journalism  records the day to day events,presents the report in  a platter  in lucid style.

Business journalism  is focused on corporate news,equities,commodities, analysis of industry and market.

In recent years, business journalism has  come out of the blue.

The reporting of stock market, especially the ups and downs,provide an interesting reading.

The stories have a grip on the audience.

Certain reporting are so engrossing, that they hold the market watchers in rapt attention.

certain others act as thrillers.

The rise and fall of companies, the acquisitions ,the surge of oil,the movement of currencies, ,idebate of inflation are written with much fervour.

Predictions and analsis ,though mostly go wrong, make  us a prudent investor.

Business journalism is blossoming into a charismatic   art.



Indian Economy in doldrums.

Th e rating of indian economy has been downgraded .
The loan waiver of 70,000 crores for farmers,may bring in votes .
The government has gained political popularity .
It has lost financial credentials.
Industrial growth has slowed down.
Inflation is high, highest in 13 years.
Political stability is a big question as the left have withdrawn support.
The nuclear deal is the much debated issue.
Signing the deal will being benefits to the country.
This is the manifestation of the ruling party.
The larger cross section of the society votes for this deal.
The governments continuance is at jeopardy.