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Bubbles of gas jump out  with joy,

A pop sound bursts out in a coy,

Making a fizzle and a drizzle,

Over the face in a close nestle.


The fuming liquor murmurs awhile,

Frothing in the surface with a travail,

Shooting up in a quixotic rush,

Settling down with an almost silent hush.


Likewise the mind jostles in mad  enthusiasm.

Overwhelming the expressions with a pointed schism,

Galloping in a quickened  trotting  movement,

Living in a world of dream and entertainment.


The bewilderment lasts for a temporary phase,

The enchantment fades off in an effusive trace,

Revelling in a state of heavenly ecstasy,

Subsiding to a trend of subdued frenzy.



Pop goes the gas with a start,

Down ,down does it get down in a dart,

Hurrah cries the heart in the start,

Lo!Lo! does it slips down in a blot.



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The Signboard.

A signboard over there,

Stands  in the thorough fare,

Pointing to the directions  ,

With meticulous care.


The passers move about ,

Not paying heed without doubt,

Taking on their own  float,

Amidst the deafening shout.



The board is in a  sullen solitude,

Performing  its duty  in an aptitude,

Withstanding the commotion with fortitude,

Least expecting a fruitful gratitude.



Time tested rules get lost,

While materialistic pursuit overtakes thought,

Everything flares up in a shot,

As none assume   the principled slot.



Undue irreverence to doctrines 

Unnatural turn  of tailspin,

Unwanted alliance to illegitimate wins.

Cause a senseless  down spins.


Sign board is a pointer,

A  follow-up is a rejoinder,

Principles provide a frontier,

A solemn adherence grants a protector..








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Devastating It Is

Floods across the world  cause a quick havoc,

Quakes around the world   create a speedy ravage,

Droughts on and off bring about an unbearable famine,

So goes the nature’s mentality in destruction.



The lovely landscapes that  are  found throughout,

Of mountains aiming to reach the sky,

Of blue oceans  tossing  up and down,

Portray Nature’s wonderful gift.



The desolate trends  expose a melancholy,

Leaving the hearts saddened to a standstill

The beautiful scenario expresses a solemnity,

Mellowing the  minds reconciled  to a quaint silence.



Devastating is indeed an enigma,

As it indicates to a rude chaos,

As well it points out to a stunning  attraction,

Picturing itself as an oxymoron.

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I Have Been to London

Pussy cat, Pussy cat,Where have you been?

Oh! Where did the Pussy cat go? .

To London to see the queen,

 Well,what does this show?



Everyone wants to see  London,

 As once  it ruled the world,

Now  its supremacy is undone,.

When its colonisation spree got curled.



Its history goes back to the millennium

Founded by the Romans as Londinium,

Traced  its roots to celtic  medium,

Research enforces a period beyond compendium.




Hailed as the largest global city,

Home to the headquarters of 100 of major financial companies,

Housing  Cambridge,Oxford and other great universities

Inhabited by all races who live in cohabited  ease.



Monarchy still commands respect,

Queen and Prince still exist,

Palaces and churches are attractive prospects,

Their grandeur is hard to resist.



William Shakespeare lies in Stratford-on-Avon,

A mortal whose fecundity  was his originality,

Who discerned  lively portrayals of the royal and common,

Decking  them with wordy jewels inciting an inebriety.



 William Wordsworth  called nature his guide,

While Scott  in his novels  unravelled history,

Tennyson’s lyrics exalted in romantic pride,

Russell was an authority in analytic philosophy.



Sun never sets in the British Empire ,nearly a century ago,

Trading with countries in the east ,slowly became ruling,

Spices  gradually turned to proprietary impregnated with ego.

Traders assumed the role of governors  at perfect timings.



London swells  in pride and wealth over the centuries,

Treasures from the  Indian sub continent enriched the bourses,

Regaling in its prosperity the city   became a reverie.

Pushing back all the other competent forces.



It is everyman’s wish to see  the city,

As it holds an  exclusive attraction,

Both historically and commercially appears pretty,

Proposing  an expensive and lively distraction .

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All Roads Lead to Rome.

All roads lead to Rome,

As it is a stately home,

Where culture blooms

While creativity zooms.



Civilization took its wings,

Christianity pitched its  rings

Architecture picked its strings.

Renaissance found its links.



Literature  abounds with Roman reference,

Epics and ballads sing  its praise with reverence,

Augustus and Julius  Ceasers   still command a  deference,

Michelangelo’s “Last Judgement “is a masterpiece  with a difference.




The portrait of Mona Lisa is beautifully enigmatic,,

The ambiguity in her smile is expressively subjective,

The monumentality of the composition exudes a subtlety,

The atmospheric illusionism refracts the  profound credibility.



Romans  are remarkable for   grand opulence,

Neoclassicism  induced an impressive influence,

Fountains, statues and columns incite an observance,

Villas and landscaped gardens  let out a lot of inference.




Music keeps flowing across the Tiber river,

Learning breathes through the lanes in fervour,

Drama and art reverberate  through the streets in ardour,

Sports ancient and modern keep  a systematic order.


In Rome be a Roman ,goes the saying,

Many of us nurture a craving,

To see the  antique city glowing,

In finery and artistic engravings.





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Gliding Through The Malaysian Express Highway

 It was a  fantastic journey across the Malaysian Express Highway ,

Speeding cars raced  through   was a spectacular sway,

The oil palms on either side  portrayed a  lovely fray,

A display of colourful  foliage   added joy to the travel in a splendid way,



The destination was miles and miles apart,

Felt  it would tire the physic to a distraught,

Hindered  by the resultant fatigue decided not to start,

But had to make it due to a compelling chart.



The fear that nagged the mind  bore no credential,

The long drive was  pleasant and highly potential,

A break from the monotony  is most essential,

The vibrancy experienced all over revived the existential.



The sojourn   along the greenery  was a feast to the eyes ,

The” rendez vous”   beside the “rehat”   was an intrinsic apprise,

The fun shared  and enjoyed  was a happy go jolly entice,

Sallying forth from home is a departure  that requires specific ties.






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Writing on the Wall

Forests are thick and dense,

With wild animals  treading  hence,

Lions , tigers ,wolves , bears roam,

Over the ground marshy and loam,

It is dangerous to go alone,

Is the writing on the wall’s tone.

Land is large and extensive,

With people wicked and oppressive,

Frauds, villains treacherous,deceits loiter,

Creating a terrible disaster,

It is a diligence to move  about,

It is the writing on the wall’s shout.

Economy is caught in the midst of  turbulence

With the currencies depleting in value  of  reference,

Manipulation, greed, misappropriation, cheat are agog,

Implicating a pleading insight to  an economic fog,

It is a deliberation to  business,

It is the writing on wall’s resonance.

Glancing on all potential cautions,

The desire to live becomes a notion,

Reflecting on the  goals of future,

Life has to go on with a closeted nurture,

Intimidating is the clairvoyant call,

Which is the writing on the wall. 


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The Echo of Life

Going into the deep woods one day,

Found a profound serenity in the lay,

The silence reflected a stirring tense,

Keeping the solitude in  presence,

To call out or not was the play,

Which kept on haunting all the fray.


It was an abysmal  deal out,

Crossing the inroads  was a fall out,

Yet moved in measured steps to the intense,

To find out the  mystery in  its substance,

Enacted with  a charming  relevance.


The song of the woods was a delight,

Composed of a music  of the elite,

Comprehensive of the cackling  and hooting,

Conducive to the mood insinuating ,

Instilling a refreshment warming.



Birds tweet with a gay sound,

Which reverberates  all around,

The blowing of the winds in a whistle,

Comes back  through the dangling thistle,

Inviting all to a sanguine bristle.


The humming of the river is a tune,

Which in the course of its flow attune ,

The thunder and the storm cast a spell,

Which echoes in a vociferous bell

Provoking   the area to a numbed  shell



Life gives back in  leaps and bounds .

What it takes from you  without a sound,

The more you sow seeds of  kindness

The more it repays in  kindness,

Consisting  great and gracious kindness



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A Quiet Town Becomes Noisy

A little town in the banks of River Perak (Sungei Perak)

Mostly onto a lethargic slow track,

With a population of  less than hundred thousand,

The town Teluk Intan or the Bay of Diamond,

Rises up  with a sluggish shrug  every morn.

A sleepy town with no hectic sojourn,

With no  urgent motions to adjourn,

The oil palm plantations spread all around,

Fishing  across the rivers with no sound,

Keep the fire burning at home.

The three races live  with a friendly link,

Each one  supporting  each other at a wink,

At the surface it is a combination homogeneous,

Beneath the depth it is mixture heterogeneous,

Yet there dwells an impressive unity.

The archaic  silence   gets out-of-place,

The mid April sees  a  festival of grace,

Chithra pournami brings in cheer and spontaneity

All in a show of devotion and offerings in variety,

Awakening the town to an ecstatic  celebration .

The Lord Dhandayuthapani  in  Teluk Intan   is  up

Nine decades ago the Nattukottai  Chettiars s  set up ,

The temple of worship in their business place

Hosted a week-long festival  in  honor Of Lord’s grace,

Paying obeisance and respect to the Almighty.

The small beginning has led to a great progress,

Which not only rewarded them in business,

Also blessed them with other largess,

Prompting them to hail the lord,

As their all-powerful God.

The mercy of the Lord spread all through,

The beauty of Muruga captivated everyone true,

The Procession of Lord through the streets,

Proves a sumptuous  grand treat

Enthralling  the devotees  to a divine bliss.

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A Sustainable Passion.

Passions  keep us active and rolling,

Music lights  many a mind with  intense feeling,

Reading enlightens  most with a  noble calling,

Writing infuses everyone with a scholarly  dealing

Others hold  all with a delicious passing.


It may be one or the  other  that keeps us  in mood,

Music softens and smothers us with a cadence good,

Reading inspires and initiates a  literate brood,

Writing enhances and entertains a category shrewd,

Others restore and retain an intricate skill not crude.



Music is the food of love and  entertainment,

Reading is the fruit of knowledge and  enchantment,

Writing is the seed of wisdom and achievement,

Others are flowers of peace and contentment.

Thou knoweth  all passions  synchronise and sustain