A little bird with large wings

Does it sound odd?

How can a little bird have large wings?

If it has ,then it is a peculiarity, an oddity,and an irregularity.

This caption depicts a community.shelved in far south of South India.

Well, coming to the subject, let me put in black and white the community’s name.

They are called Nagarathars. or rather popularly as Nattukottai chettiars.

They are small in number, but  gigantic in their deeds.

They are less than a hundred thousand.

The chettiars are a composition of tradition and modernity.

Their contribution to religion ,and education is enormous.

Most of the temples in Taminadu had been renovated by them.

They have two universities, Annamalai,and Alagappa.

The other Thiagarajar is in the offing.

The famous Meenakshi amman temple’s North Tower was built by the Vainagaram family.

These are all but  few examples of their munificence.

Coming to the more mundane things,this clan is offbeat.

Their recipies are mouth watery.

The variety in their menu will dwarf  the sophsticated hotels input .

The houses, better palaces ,are simply beautiful.

Beautiful is a very relative word to portray their grandeur.

The doors with innate frescoes are of BurmaTeak.

The mirrors  are from Belgium.

The tiles and fixtures are  from Italy.

The halls are bigger than  a banquet hall.

The raised platforms on either side of the entrance provides a cosy sitting for the guests.

The central part is open to the sky.

On four sides of thecentral portion runs a broad passage along which we find the private rooms .

This is followed by a  massive dining hall.

The rear portion has kitchens and store.

In most houses the first floor is a repetition of the ground floor.

These people were sea faring too.

They had set sail to Burma, Ceylon, Malaysia, Singapore,Saigon and Indo china.

There they had invested in rice fields , plantation real estates and money lending.

Their jewellery is a work of art.

Their collection of diamonds, rubies, emeralds,gold and silver is breathtaking.

Their accounting is extremely nostalgic.

They were faster than modern calculators.

Their memory was awesome. It was like a hard drive that is  found in computers.

Their money transaction were similar to the modern banking system.

They were perhaps more systematic,more genial.

Modern chettiars are replicas of their forefathers.

My metaphor relates to this small community with large  connections.


Black is beautiful

Americans have found a distinct leader in Obama.

He is a democrat nominee.

He is the most promising youngster.

Obama is on the way to the white house

I read  a very distasteful write up recently.

The comment “A black in White House”was stinking.

why not a Black?

Any American can aspire to the High office.

More so a black.

 Martin Luther King ,way back,in the 1960’s was a very potential human.

His memory is nostalgic.

Now  it is Obama.

His address to  the people was magnificent.

People ,who heard him talk, were swayed away by his oration.

It was not mere words.

It was impregnable with meaning.

 He said what he meant.

The African Americans did gather a basket of gold medals In the Olympics.

Their laurels made U.S proud.  

This context is not interrupted by  colour.

Is it not a wilful default.?

U.S is a  melting pot of different nations, alien cultures , multiple languages.

The roots of  all Americans are elsewhere.

How do they forget it?

Their subscription to colour is  an ignominy.

The slaves are masters now.



Professionals are a privileged few.

You find professional touch in all arenas.

Let me compile a few,

Make ups need an artistic touch.

Write ups need lucid style.

Cooking needs a culinary skill.

Singing needs a voice modulation.

Dancing needs a nimble footing.

Teaching needs a patient approach

Business needs a sharp acumen.

Art needs a creative impulse.

Sports needs a strenuous effort.

Entertainment needs a jugglery skill.

Oratory needs a command of the subject.

Poetry needs an unfathomable imagination.

Love needs a scrupulous affection.

Bravery needs an undaunted mind.

What not and what else.

Professionals  are a rarity 11




Democracy still alive.

Anwar has found his way to “Putra jaya”

He has won with a thundering majority

He  is condemned as a homo sexual.

He was imprisoned,not once.

He was sacked unceremoniously.

Authority destroyed him.

People have rejuvenated him.

He has risen above all oddities.

This makes us believe, in the power of the masses.

Anwar should rise up.

Anwar should not belie the people’s hope.

He should propel the idea-malays , chinese , Indians are all equals.

Malaysia is a multi racial country.

Each race has contributed  to the progress  of the nation.

Will Anwar make a new leader-above religion, culture, and races?

Time has to tell us.

Still a long way to go.




A debate is going on in U.S.

The Vice Chancellors of universities want the age to be raised from 18 to 21 for drinking.

Most of the mothers have propounded the same idea.

U.S  is down tracking.

Legislation for drinking,

legislation for smoking,

legislation for dating,

legislation for what else.

Can you reform society by law?

Can you  breed culture by enforcement?

The most vulnerable age is 18 -21.

If the mothers and educationists who are debating to raise the age for drinking ,take a little extra care,wonders can be wrought.

Have a close watch on your wards.

Monitor their activities

Be careful not  to overstep your limits.

Do not interrupt their routine.

Give them freedom.

Caution them .

A river in spate has to be checked.

It should not be stifled.

If done so it plays havoc

Let the children , better address them as adults, blossom.

Let not they be suffocated..



Ignorance, Ignominy,Stupidity.

Ignorance is bliss.

Ignominy is  brutal.

Stupidity is best.

Very fine definitions.

All are rolled in one.

How will it appear?

How will it perform?

Have you come across such a person?

Well, if not , come with me.

I will show this phenomenal character

You will be chagrined by his ignorant approach.

You will be stupefied by his  stupid looks.

You will be  maligned  by his ignominous  behaviour.

This man poses himself  as an intellect.

He refuses to understand..

Nay, it is not refusal.

It is his mental capacity.

He speaks  nothing rational.

Nay , it is not irrational.

It is his mental instability.

He acts irreverently.

Nay , it is not disrespect.

It is his mental deformity.

Alas, he is at the helm of affairs.

God forbid.

He has ruined everything.

He has wrecked   all.

He has destroyed the future..

This muffled monger  is languishing in his own triviality.


Solemnly beautiful

I was browsing through a fashion magazine. a couple of days back.

 The Delhi fashion week show displays caught my attention.

They were a fusion of western and southern dress.

 Two dresses were tagged as “Best for parties”.

The other one was for weddings.

I was totally bowled over after seeing the prices.

One was as high asRs 19,500.

The second one was quoted as Rs 22,500.

The third one was priced as Rs 40,000.

The materials used were pure Kanchi silk, and chiffon.

I turned the pages.

My eyes espied a twenty year old girl done up in a Saree.

It was a pure hand loom cotton Saree starched and pressed,.she was wearing a traditional  choli.

Her  long hair was plaited .

She wore minimum jewellery.

A red kumkum sign  was on her forehead.

She was a typical portrait of  respectability

I  hurriedly went back to the pages of Delhi fashion week.

I found a lot of difference,

There was  much of ostentation and shine.

The twenty year old stood out from the crowd.

I folded my hands as a mark of reverence.

She was solemnly beautiful.


Wondreful mechanism.

Market volataity is unprecedented.

Hot money is playing truant.

Commodities have been pushed up by deploying  the bout of fresh currency.

The sudden withdrawal has let oil limp.

We see the stocks rise.

Oil’s  retreat is perceived as an answer to the law of supply and demand.

The conception therefore is there is less demand for oil and more production.

India and China are the primary consumers.

We see no fall in their demand.

The economy slowdown  in U.S is another vital element  that is pulling the prices.,argue the market pundits.

U.S is bleeding.

U.S. economy is in disarray,

The slump in oil price is  due to clever scheming and dirty tricks.

This manipulation is the brain child of U.S.


Disenchanting Galore.

Cities are classified according to their importance.

Delhi is the  political capital of India.

Mumbai is the financial capital .

Bengaluru is the hub of Information technology.

Chennai is the Detroit of India.

Coimbatore is the home of textiles.

Kolkatta pops up as the  cultural center.

Pune is a rising city.

Madurai ,the ancient city,  is familiar for its temples,unfamiliar otherwise.

The quint essence of this city is quietness.

It is not affected by any modern alchemy.

It is vulnerable to politics.It is a political  hotspot.

The  first week of August,made Madurai rock and tremble.

Banners and posters were displayed in each and every corner of the city, to welcome the Chief minister of Tamilnadu.

Cut outs of The Chief Minister ,in all postures (Sans his sleeping pose) were put up.Life size figures of his son Alagiri and his family were erected.

In one or two places we could find the portrait of his mother also.

Loud speakers were blasting his praise

Madurai ,from time immemorial ,is called as Meenakshi patinam or City of Meenakshi.

Now  the DMK functionaries have dubbed it as ALagiri Kottai or THe Fort Of ALagiri.

The whole  affair is  full of distaste, The outcome is nauseating.

Does Karunanidhi represent the people?

Is he an elected Chief Minister?


Is he a sovereign power of Tamilnadu?

Has he appointed his sons as  Chieftains ?

Humility pays in the long run.

Audacity claims short lived glory.


A year of credit crisis

The financial system is in  disarray

The sub prime mortgage crisis has gone global.

Credit crunch has begun.

8 U.S. banks have failed.

Consumers  are in despair.

Assets have depleted.

Assets in the form of home value  has gone down,stock portfolio has tumbled.

The balance sheets post negative results.

Wages are stagnant.

Food and energy prices are climbing.

There is pain , more pain all over.

Inflation is pitching high.

To contain inflation paper money is printed.

This is a very unhealthy sign.

An entity like a government body should enter to sort out the crisis.

Wonders cannot be wrought  in short span.

Recovery is way ahead.

By 2010 ,the economy will become pretty sound.





Assets in the form of home value going down