Nice To Go Through

It is nice to go through

see a little on the view

sky be that  of blue

the things around be true

well that be without a clue

as I go on a flew

a feel being very new

a sensation with a great hue

that be how I  sustain  in  lieu

without much of anything in due.full_3010_340661_LittleOwl_1



The Sojourn And Schedule.

The sojourn and the schedule

has entered a conclude

they had in it in an include

nothing very much in the seclude

not very much to be ridiculed

a lovely form in the essay

not called upon on an hearsay

being that in a beautiful way

the hectic  work  could be a try

yes it was a terrific buy

yet went along with it in  a tense

got the most out of it in an intense

I could call it a success to the final

it had led me to the terminal

none the less I have been blessed.

for that matter I am fortunate

nothing other than that bothers me

I would prolong for a time in this glee.




A Pack And A sack

A pack and a sack

all on the shoulder’s back

she climbed up the hill  high

looking around  with a shy

reached the top  in a minute

marched ahead with a salute

planted the flag on the soil

while the sun was at the boil

kissed the land with love

made a gentle  bow

walked down  with   satisfaction

with the pack and sack

all on the shoulder’s back.









They Being A Couple.

They being a couple

talk together in ways

the man thinks he a scholar

audacious he is always

really knows very little

a great showman in terms

an empty drum in place.


The woman an equal partner

talks  as soft as she can

speaks one means another

a perfect match to her man

seeks faults in every aspect

from the porridge to the garland

both poke their nose into every possibility

she being manipulative and dangerous

very much akin to a fox in a goat’s skin.


These two are made for each other

one gossips all through the day

the other  causes a ripple everywhere

they too live long with such attitude

push forth and push back the genuine

well, it is the fake that glitters  and gleams

the real shines with a glow modest and moderate

the world would know the truth one day

the virtual can never overcome the real.





Condemn Such

He makes all  the rules

makes others fools

thinks he to be smart

surprises others in a start

walks up and down in  strange

never  falls into the range

sees around with a cynicism

as if he is above all criticism

talks with an authority great

spreads nothing but hate

mocks and snorts at others

yes, he is the man with feathers

seems to take  an  undue flight

does so with a horrible  bite

in real he is a whimsical figure

short  and small in stature

shouts at the top of his voice

does nothing with a choice

cries he with a loudness

he be addressed as a saint

Oh! looking at him I faint

a man of disdain and  contempt

like to condemn him in an attempt.














A Three Letter Word.

A three letter word

could be any word

like to write as many

being them so tiny

starts with a Cat

goes on to mat, rat

down to sad, bad

a cross over there

a jump over here

could lead to a nod

do not call me a bard

I am  but a genial one

knows only this one

very much on own

not so much as won.





A Session Over

A session over  as of now

a schedule nothing of private

dedicated to the Almighty

done with a  shining glow

an execution being delicate

a ritualistic performance to the Mighty

been carried out with diligence

invites a lot of criticism good and bad

the bad outnumbering the good

at times creates a depression  in a reticence

induces the mind to feel the pain  and feel sad

casts a dilemma untold and forces one to brood

what be the necessity to steer ahead?

what be the need to have led the event ?

could have sat in a corner like the rest

a most easiest way one could tread

the talk turns one to turn defiant

a fury sets with an anger instead

that be the gain for all the earnestness

being the reward for the efforts put in.








A Shout.

It is a shout

baseless in and out

all years throughout.



The Celebration

The celebration  fine

goes almost in the line

with a shine.




He Be A Cynic.

Cynic he be

great he feels to be

remarkable not he.