Fall from Sanity

Longtime it was, I remember

lived in a place without any tremor

I chose the  place  in the surround

where there was no inhabitation in and around

I had the eternity  all to myself.


I could hear the wind blow

swishing sounds in the flow

heard the birds chatter and  tweet

woke me up early with their beats

no noise whatsoever unrhythmical.


This could not be long in the days

came developments in a chase

houses came in different phases

low, middle, and high income in a pace

I sit  amidst a township now.


Feel jostled and disturbed  in the run

I contemplate on the turn

shift, should I to some other place

if there be an exodus soon in case

where to go? I stroke my forehead.


Whatever I attempt it turns opposite

to fund a new purchase have to break the deposit

I knit my eyebrows in a deliberate

nothing strikes me straight

I could not sit in peace for long.


As I brood over the situation

I am woken up by the distractions

the traffic on the road and the loud honking

thwarted my peace  instigating

a fall from  the level of sanity  for a while.township














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