Harsh Summer

Hot , hotter and hottest

obsessed I with heat

day by day the heat increases

never does it go down

perspiration, sweat and fatigue

overcomes with a force

thirst, thirst unquenchable thirst

overwhelms in all

unable to appease it

with litres of water and juices

not able to venture out

unable to  sit locked in the house

unbearable it becomes all the more

questionable to the sustenance?

how am I to endure the rest of summer

so hot and so cruel being against all norms.


This being original, I have done some improvements. Please go through both of them and give your opinion.

I am obsessed with heat
it melts me all too quick
I perspire with a sigh
I sweat heavily
I am tired, dead tired.

I am thirsty, damn thirsty
I drink pints of milk and buttermilk
litres of juices and water
never I go near the ice creams
the thirst is unquenchable.

I wish not to venture out
prefer to sit at home
I think of sustenance unrelatedly
the rest of summer stares hard
I am at a loss.


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