Like A Sheep.

The woods are dark and deep
not a whisper from the steep
the silence creates a fear
a quiver is felt in the rear.

The roars of lion create a fear
the chatter of monkeys elicits a cheer
the hoots of the owl cause a scare
the birds tweet to share.

The tweets and chatter resonate
the roars and growls reverberate
but could do no more to juxtapose
the stillness in force.

The woods enforce an awe
as one slowly peeps
find no disharmony
the woods lie there like a sheep.


A modified version of the original,

The woods are dark and deep

remain aloof from the whirl

not a sound nor a beep

could be heard in the twirl.

The darkness and stillness

send an awe down the spine

could be a cause of denseness

they signal a caution in the line.

The random roar  of the lion

the far away chatter of the monkeys

the tweets of birds in the line

added by the bray of donkeys.

These tweets and touts  as heard

fall shallow into the wilderness

cross, not the boundaries in a nerd

seem to be insignificant in the  quietness.

The woods are dark and deep

as there are nothing to reap

being hard for one to peep

lies as quiet as a sheep.


Do not think that I am taxing you. Read both the versions and extend your thought on both.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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