Sharing Is Love

I spend most of the mornings 
and part of the evenings 
in my patio abutting the garden

reading  and staring
at the  blue sky then  gazing  
the lane, alternating  both,

In the nights, Brownie 
substitutes for  me, sleeps 
holding to the cushion

of the bamboo chairs,
 like a ball, snores
and snorts. The patio is live.

It is morning, I open
the doors, to find my patio
with imprints of muddy paws, 

Brownie hearing 
the sound of the latch
gathers herself

jumps  down runs 
helter skelter  without 
turning back.

 I preside over the morning 
session,  Brownie at dusk.
the way we share our space,