We have borewells at home.
 One, two and three,
 going to the depths.

 150 feet, 450 feet, 1000 feet. All 
have turned dry, forcing  us
to procure water.

Expenses above expenses,
we build a tank in the garden.
Store the water for ten days, 

 fill the water tank at the top 
every day. Electricity  bill 

The bought water is adequate 
 for our personal needs, insufficient  
 for the garden, which wears a deathlike pallor.

In between, I  water the plants 
and trees, shortening the period.
ten days  to five, They require  much more.

I  do  with pain and shame
 How conceited I am?
 I chide  myself. 

 Heartless, callous
 wicked, I stand, making 
  a wretch of myself.