Ephemeral Eternity

Pulling my sari 
up to the knees,
 which  I never do
I walk towards the beach.

The waves ebb in
 and flow out gently
not anything uncommon 
fascinates me 

I go  a little inside
 the waves reach up 
to my knees, The water 
along with the sediments

wash my legs, recede 
 in a timid flow, One such 
 wave strikes me with 
a blow. I tumble, 

the water takes  me
to a distance of 10 meters,
terrified I withhold my tension,
I regain my  stand 

slowly reach the shore
   I Straighten, set right 
 my drenched sari
 gather my poise,

look at the azure ocean 
I envisage a phenomenon 
that of eternity unfolding 
to reveal the ephemeral,