Set To Rupaka Tala

The South Westerlies 
become active, rains
pour steadily,  
every night 

 Cadential in their pour 
similar to the beats
  of the Rupaka tala.,
I presume,.

Thakita , Thakita 
 Thakita,  raps 
the rain as it falls
in rhythm.

Listening to them 
in awe, I start working 
on the beats not 
one  hits wrong. 

 Fits to the set period, 
so well crafted, 
the rain continues.

It is like a play
by a mirdangist
 a solo performance,
in earnest,

 I stayed awake till 
2 in the night,
 my bed pulled 
near to the window,

humming a song 
set to Rupaka tala.
I recline, rain gradually 
wanes. slumber  slowly