My Handy Tool

With a  handy tool
in hand , I traverse
 boundaries, include
 countries, states, 

From home I govern
 instruct, transact,
 dictate, account,
write, build, direct
and detect.

 My fingers tap
  the buttons, in seconds 
 I reach Delhi, place orders.
next stop is Jodhpur where 
I buy stone artifacts,

Off I fly to my estate overseas
 supervise  harvesting,
monitor  transporting,
 schedule  manuring
pay wages.

Back home,  I teach 
my new cook, Oversee 
the tidying. Portfolios 
of an housewife weigh 
heavily on me.

All packed up in a 
 a five foot two inches 
frame,  the chores take 
 a toll. Exhausted 
I fall on my bed, my 
 mobile, the handy tool 
turns off. Power gone,

The frame and the mobile 
recuperate to start 
the next day anew.