My eyes rest on pieces of furniture 
when I went to Singapore
a few decades back,
Ravishingly gorgeous.!

I could not take my eyes 
out. Got stuck by the 
grandeur, I  stood 
 for hours examining them.

Being young and financially
 dependent, I dared not 
express my wish. They 
 remained in my memory.

I say  to myself
 if wishes were horses 
 beggars can buy.  I quelled 
my  desire thus.

Years passed  with  mundane 
 commitments,  to taake care of 
success and failures ,emboldening 
and suspending the activities 

 I straightaway ordered 
 minding not the cost,
 consoling it is  a life time wish.
when my friend shared a picture,

She did the sourcing, importing,
 delivery all in a time so quick 
 for me to believe. They came home 
one fine morning.

I stay glued to the dining table ‘
with its chairs, the living room’ set,
 with peacocks and flowers embedded.
Each time I see them they seem new.