Bitter Sweet

Oranges from my garden
 some small like lime, 
others as big as a hockey ball
  taste neither sour nor tangy, 
  bitter while I eat them 
first, then turn a little sweet,
towards the end  
leave a delicious feel
 one of bitter sweet.

That go with the Jaamum plum 
called as Naval pazham,
Purplish black in colour
oval in shape, with fine
 textured coat, shines 
in the sunlight, rich in 
minerals.  Eaten with 
a pinch of salt  delivers 
a sweet , astringent taste
 colours the tongue purple.

  Bitter sweet taste
  places me in a state 
of being where over sweet 
creates a limit, a saturation
while the bitter sweet 
releases a predilection
to consume more.