It is evening
the sky is overcast
quiet and sullen, the day
 draws to a close.

Quietude reigns supreme 
 hear  no honking or engine
 sound, the birds are  back
on their nests.

As the night sets in
the darkness spells 
a scare with none 
on the lane. 

A small sound,
 like the one of 
a move, a step ,
the noise of lizard,

sets the heart on fire,
hands start to tremble.
try to hold on to  something 
for dependence.

I sit still for a while
 my eyes wander, 
 rests on the photos
past, present and future,

pass on as if in  a slideshow,
 memories of happiness flood 
 those of grief interrupt,
 I am lost in retrospection.

The clock comes back to life
 with a ding dong.  I spring up.
 noting the time well past twelve 
I make way to my bed.