Mother To Me

Unable to break myself 
from the unflinching love
 I hold for Meenakshi,
 rant, ramble, sing  
write about her,

Festivals abound in my town 
throughout the year,
 She comes out of her abode
 in a chariot, goes 
around the streets.

known as Tik Vijayam, like 
every other mortal, she 
gets married,  like a ruler she
crowns  herself shares the reign 
with her consort, Sundaresa. 
  as a Goddess adorns the Navaratri, 
assumes different roles.

A diamond studded crown,
lend a glory, parrot set in diamonds, 
encharms, ornaments from head to toe 
 paved with rubies, emeralds,
 sapphires add colour. Her 
demeanour  lit by the radiant smile 
 enchants all the more.

More of a mother to me
than a Goddess,
I look up to Meenakshi
for directions, for  consolations, 
for peace.  She bestows on me 
most liberally.